5 Subtle Signs Your Skin Might Be Sensitive to Perfume

5 Subtle Signs Your Skin Might Be Sensitive to Perfume

Do you love how the smell of perfume lifts your spirits and makes you feel happy? You also feel more confident that you smell good to those around you. But it’s possible that you may be experiencing some issues with perfume. Besides the problem that others around you may be allergic, you may also be experiencing skin sensitivity to the perfume itself.


1. Your skin is itchy. Does your skin itch at the point of application? This could be around your neck, your wrist, or your upper chest. The rest of your skin is fine. And when you shower, your skin returns to normal.
2. A red rash. Do you have a red rash at the application site of your perfume? This may be due to constant scratching, but may also be an allergic reaction to the fragrance you just applied.
3. Hives. Also known as urticaria, this is an allergic reaction caused by either something you ingested, or something that your skin has been exposed to. This is a more serious skin allergy, and can take several hours to clear up.
4. Swelling. Unlike hives, which involve small raised sores, swelling may involve a larger surface of the skin. This is still a bad skin reaction that needs to be dealt with.
5. Unexpected pain. Pain is usually how our brains tell us something is wrong in our bodies. Whether it’s because we’re constantly scratching at that spot where we placed our perfume, or because the toxic chemicals are causing our nerves to react, painful reactions may be another way your body is saying, stop!


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How to Wear Perfume But Avoid Bad Skin Reactions?

Now that you understand that you are getting some bad skin reactions to the spray perfume, cream, or lotion you are applying to your skin, you may be wondering if you have to give it up completely. You may have been reading how 60% of what we use on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, which can be concerning when you’re wearing perfume that may contain alcohol and other chemicals. 

The answer, is no, as there is one possible solution that enables you to keep wearing your favourites fragrances, but without bad skin reactions. Our beautiful SAVONI jewelry are the perfect way to protect your skin from the harmful ingredients that are found in fragrances today. Your skin is protected, but you won’t experience any further reactions.

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