Different ways to wear perfume if you have sensitive skin

Different ways to wear perfume if you have sensitive skin.

Are you allergic to perfume or have sensitive skin to apply perfume? Don’t worry! Here are different alternative ways to apply perfume if you are sensitive to perfume and fragrances.

Everyone wants to smell great. It makes you feel secure and confident when you go out. Besides looking great, you earn points for smelling great as well. This is the reason; there are many brands of fragrance, cologne, and perfume out there. However, everyone can't enjoy these aromas. Many people have sensitive skin and are allergic to perfumes for different reasons and look for some alternatives.

Skin sensitivity and perfume is a battle where no one wants to give up. For people with sensitive skin, an application of perfume means a long-lasting rash compared to the scent itself. This is something that even a fragrance fanatic won’t risk. Let's learn about some ways to apply perfume.

Wear perfume throught the jewelry


Spray on the clothes

Alternatively, you can apply scent to your clothes as it will help you enjoy the fragrance without irritating your skin. Spray the perfume around you to generate a fine mist and let it settle on your clothes. It will help distribute aroma evenly while preventing direct contact with your skin. The right place to spray perfume is inside the clothes as it will likely last longer.

Use non-alcoholic perfumes

If your skin is allergic to alcohol, you can go for non-alcoholic perfumes, oil-based scents, or wax perfumes because they are cause less irritation on the skin. Rather than applying perfume on your neck, check the perfume on another area of your skin to observe how the skin reacts. For instance, you can spray on your shoulders, chest, or even in your hair. If you find this test successful, you can easily use perfume again.

Apply on a non-irritant area of skin

At times, you can get creative when it comes to applying perfume. Some individuals are only sensitive or allergic to specific areas. If your skin is allergic to perfume only in a specific area, you can use it on different areas of your skin to enjoy the fragrance. For instance, rather than using perfume on your neck, apply it on your chest or hair. If skin sensitivity is severe, it is recommended not to perform testing to identify the immune parts of the skin. However, if it is mild, testing can be a great idea.

Use perfume tools

Perfumes and sensitive skin can go along with metal diffuser jewelry that combines style and the ability to soak up and create the fragrance. Perfume Tools include fragrance jewelry, fragrance bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that are designed to deliver the fragrance throughout the day to make you smell good. The fragrance jewelry soaks up the perfume’s smell without requiring you to apply it behind your ears. Wear a fragrance necklace or bracelet and let your body heat release the scent all day long without irritating your skin.

SAVONI is a brand that offers a range of beautiful perfumable jewelry pieces worth checking out.

Make use of body powder

In case perfume is not right for you at all, you can try body powder. Compared to regular perfumes, body powders have many advantages. Body powders don’t have many harsh chemicals that activate allergic reactions. The powder can absorb the moisture generated by sweating and help keep your body dry the whole day. It is also notably long-lasting than perfume because it doesn’t evaporate.

Wrapping it up

Perfumes assist us to have that additional charm to our overall appearance by releasing great fragrances. But for some people, it can be a nightmare due to different perfume-related skin sensitivities and allergies. However, many alternatives enable you to stay allergy-free and smell great.

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I have sensitive skin break outs I have to scan everything before I can use them .I just want to get a fragrance that I can use.


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