When Can I Wear Perfume Around My Baby?

When Can I Wear Perfume Around My Baby?

Once you become a parent your life will change in many ways, one of them being your lifestyle. One that includes a good use of cosmetic and hygiene essentials that can be harmful to your baby. Learning about them and adjusting your ways can help ensure you are creating a healthy and thriving environment for your child.

If you're looking for a safe and stylish way to wear your favorite perfume around your baby, consider using perfumed jewelry. Prepare yourself for the highly-anticipated debut of SAVONI's latest fragrance-infused jewelry line on Kickstarter - an unparalleled brand that you definitely don't want to overlook! 🚀



Most perfumes, colognes, and body sprays made today contain chemicals that can have a negative impact on your baby's health. Keeping in mind that little ones are more at risk and need all the protection you can offer. Moreover, their sensory organs are still in developing, and even a little overdose can throw them off.

However, the issue is not limited to perfumes, colognes, and body sprays; as most cleaning products, shampoos, baby lotions, and other baby products contain some scented chemicals in them. This is why we suggest you choose a scent-free option, just until your little one is old, has developed their senses, and is ready to take on the world.

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Here are listed scientifically proven issues caused by fragranced products:

● Disrupts the hormonal function in your child's body, and may cause some lasting impacts. / Darbre, 2015.
● Irritates your skin and may cause allergic reactions that can grow into a huge nuisance. / Johansen, 2003.
● Triggers asthma symptoms that cause tightness and inability to breathe.
● Causes migraines and headaches that lead to fever, and other related issues for your little one.
● Irritates eyes, throat, nose and triggers nausea that may irritate your baby can push them towards an unhealthy spell.
● Causes illness in infants that commonly cannot be pinned down by most doctors. / Steinemann, 2015.
● Impacts behavior of your little one in the years to come. /  Kim et al, 2009 - Engel et al, 2010.
● Seeps into breast milk mixing it with unnatural chemicals and toxins that can harm your child in endless ways. / Bridges, 2002.

Every parent wants to offer their child the best in the world, and creating a safe setting in your home is one of the best things you can offer to them. If you cannot avoid wearing perfumes we suggest you go for good quality scented jewelry pieces. A scent that lasts 5 times longer than any perfume or deodorant. Moreover, this way you can keep up with a fresh appearance, enjoy beautiful pieces of jewelry, and ensure your little one is safe and protected from the harsh impacts of scented products.

Additionally, as the scent never touches your body, you don't have to worry about passing a harsh impact, and it is something you can easily take off when you are near your baby. Making sure you don't overpower their growing senses, while enjoying a beautiful scent.

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