Perfumes And Its Effects

Perfumes And Its Effects

Perfumes, Fragrances! Very happy and joyful words for a Perfume lovers. Sometimes things change and happy moments give a knock at your door when you find out that you going to be a mum for the first time in your life. The moment is beautiful, the happiness is priceless when your baby came into your life and now you have to be very careful regarding the things towards your newborn.

If you're looking for a safe and stylish way to wear your favorite perfume around your baby, consider using perfumed jewelry. Prepare yourself for the highly-anticipated debut of SAVONI's latest fragrance-infused jewelry line on Kickstarter - an unparalleled brand that you definitely don't want to overlook! 🚀

Perfumes And Its Effects

Why does a person wears perfume? A good fragrance containing perfume gives you confidence! Perfumes are very important parts of our lives but have you ever thought of how many chemicals it contains and how much it is affecting you day by day? Perfumes contain chemicals that can affect your skin as components can be absorb in the skin. How much it can affect a newborn baby?

When you hold a newborn baby be careful because the perfume which you wear may contain some chemicals which can be absorbs in the skin and can cause respiratory, allergic, or skin problems to the baby. When a mother of a newborn baby wears perfume, it may interfere between mum and baby. Newborn babies use mother scnet to develop a relationship and to identify the mother. When a mother breastfeeds, the baby recognizes the natural essence of the mother and it helps to assemble a bond between them. 


You can use some natural perfumes around your neck and arms and they are advantageous because they contain volatile organic compounds and are non-alcoholic. Natural perfumes are somehow a better choice rather than strong alcoholic perfumes but, in some cases, these perfumes irritate the baby, so the best and valuable choice is to wear elegant and stunning perfumed jewelry.


SAVONI has designed a perfumed accessories specifically for pregnant women and the mother of newborns.

You can remove scented accessories when you are around the baby so that the baby is not exposed to perfumes and can feel the natural fragrance of the mother. Wear them and enjoy the beautiful moments with your newborn without any worry.

Get ready for the launch of SAVONI's newest perfumeable jewelry collection on Kickstarter - a brand you don't want to miss! 🚀

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