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Give your aromatherapy a shape of jewelry.

Savoni Boutique aromatic jewelry gives a shape to your aromatherapy. By wearing it all day long, the scent lasts for at least five days, and the fantastic thing is that it is not harming your skin at all.

If the perfume is an attractive business for women, and jewelry is smart to enhance their temperament, then jewelry with its fragrance is the most irresistible ornament for any woman. Our collections are inspired by nature. Like its pure, beautiful, and mesmerizing, we dedicate our products to your skin and sustainable fashion.


The Mystery Of Hidden Perfume

The perfume and jewelry that accompany the fashionous diva in you are now combined. We at Savoni Boutique have created an exciting amalgamation of your dressing needs. You can incorporate natural pearls and perfume to give yourself a lasting aroma.

 Our Research And Development For Your Health And Wellness

We continue to invest in technology and innovation to bring our customers the best products and also safe for health. Our motto is to promote sustainable fashion. Fashion and beauty are lovely, but not at the cost of health. We collaborated with the best performers to understand perfumes' science and how we can make our jewelry aromatic. And the most delicate pieces of jewelry, to give the best of both worlds.

 An Amazing And Thoughtful Gift

This can also be a fantastic gift for any woman, your mom, sister, wife, or friend. Anyone would be pleased to have such a great gift.

Remember, by gifting this, you make them happy and straightforward and take care of their skin.


Our Eclipse Diffuser Bracelet

 Our piece of diffuser bracelet satisfies women's double pursuit of perfume and jewelry.

The bracelet part adopts an open design, which is very convenient to wear no matter what. With the bracelet, the layered handle line can be modified at once. The best thing is you can wear your favorite perfumes without touching your skin and adorning them for at least five days. The diameter of the bracelet is 18 cm and can be expanded to 21 centimeters.


Aromatherapy With Our Diffuser Bracelets

Experts analyze that apart from the fashion sense, Fragrances and perfumes also play critical roles. The reason why the fragrance is so magical is that it affects "controlling human sensation," which can improve bad moods such as depression, restlessness, and anxiety. Having a natural scent of essential oils, flowers, and light perfumes, uplifts your spirit and works with improved concentration and increased memory power.

So with our diffuser jewelry, one can benefit from the goodness of scented oils, and


Perfume Harmful For Our Skin

Fragrance and alcohol in perfume can easily lead to allergies. At the same time, related studies have shown that hormones, especially in women, will be affected by phthalates in perfume. Perfume can cause allergies to some people, and it is discovered very early.


It Is Easy To Be Allergic To Bare Skin

Studies have long confirmed that frequent exposure to volatile aromatic substances can cause different degrees of irritation to human organs, especially the respiratory tract, skin, and central nervous system, and may cause skin allergies, asthma, dizziness, and chest pain tightness, and difficulty breathing. Many people complain about side effects such as urticaria and dermatitis after using fragrances. The pain caused by perfume doesn't stop there. Some perfume enthusiasts apply perfume to all their bare skin to make their whole body exude a charming fragrance, resulting in erythema patches. This is because specific scent components, such as trace amounts of copper, alcohol, and citric acid, may produce chemical reactions under sunlight, decompose harmful substances, and sensitive skin will be irritated, swelling, tingling, etc., and even contact. Dermatitis. Therefore, perfume is best applied in a place out of sunlight.

As early as 2015, the European Union added three chemical substances, new lilyal, oronasal, or chlorinated oronasal, to the banned and restricted substances in the revised cosmetics regulations. Perfume can stimulate the nasal mucosa and induce sinusitis. It is also more irritating because of the alcohol contained in a fragrance, making the patients with skin diseases relapse or worsen. Therefore, it is recommended that patients with dermatitis, ulcers, or allergies should not use perfume.

And here's where our bracelet diffuse comes to the rescue, which allows you to carry your perfume without harming your skin.


Which Ingredients In Perfume Can Cause Allergies?

The main components of perfume are essence, alcohol, water, and a small amount of solubilizer. The fragrance of perfume comes from nature, and the allergen of smell also comes from essence. Twenty-six kinds of ingredients can cause allergies in the flavor, including anisol, cinnamyl alcohol, cinnamaldehyde, geraniol, citronellol, linalool, and so on.

But we value health over fashion.

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