Savoni boutique fragrance jewellery diffuser bracelet Eclipse on women' s hand

Love behind the bracelet.

I have a sister, Cristina, younger than me, and though we have our quarrels from time to time, she is my best friend as much as I am her.

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure to meet Lelde, who is a rocking architect from Milan, and recently joined the fashion world with her minimalistic jewelry boutique.

She created a bracelet dedicated to her sister, who by chance carries the same name as my sister, Kristine, and it is beautiful in all of its aspects.
She told me about her sister being allergic to perfumes, and how this pushed Lelde to find a solution for her sister to enjoy the fragrancies world while avoiding being in direct contact with it.

Lelde decided to reach me on my birthday’s day, the 20th of February, while I was attending a Fashion Show during the Milano Fashion Week, and give me one of those bracelets.

It came in a cardboard box, very well presented, and inside, there was the bracelet and their signature essential oil.

The fragrance-diffusing bracelet, made of steel, in a rose gold-tone, has two black dots on top and one of those, can be opened.

Once it is open, you can reverse some drops of your favorite fragrance on the sponge that is inside of it.

I decided to use their essential oil, and I was surprised to see, well, more to smell, that it lasted for a whole week.

The bracelet is available in rose gold or silver and they are both classy and timeless.

Obviously, I couldn’t miss the coffee moment.

It is a jewel that you will be able to wear when you are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and forever.

I sincerely hope that Lelde will think about expanding her collection to pendants, to earrings and rings because she is so talented that the world needs to see more from her.

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