How to use the fragrance-diffusing bracelet?
 - Detailed instruction of how to use the bracelet you can find at the product page of each bracelet.
 - Don't hesitate to contact us for any question.
How long does the aroma last in the bracelet?
 - If you are using our essential oil blends, the aroma on the felt pad lasts up to a week.
 - If you are using your own perfumes, the aroma in the bracelet lasts up to few days. It depends on how much perfume is sprayed on the felt pad 
Can I use this bracelet with my own fragrances?
 - Yes! Just spray your fragrance on the felt pad.
How many felt pads do I get when I purchase a bracelet or full set (bracelet + essential oil)
 - With the bracelet, you get one felt pad
Who makes the essential oil blends?
- Savoni Boutique essential oil blends are made in-house using our own recipes.