About us

Our personal problems - skin sensitivity and allergies caused by perfumes gave us the idea to create and develop this project. Our goal was to develop an alternative solution for women who can’t use perfumes daily on the skin as ingredients in the perfumes cause skin irritation and allergies. We have noticed that this leads many women to abandon the possibility of wearing their favorite perfumes.

We would like to change it!



Lelde Savoni

Founder and designer
Lelde's main occupation is architecture, which is interesting & creative, but at the same time a complex profession, which combines various aspects and challenges during the creation of the projects! She considers herself 70% practical and 30% creative. Lelde loves solving problems and this project proves it.


Kristine Savoni

Founder and administrator

Kristine is responsible for the "behind scenes" processes as creating the best strategies and marketing approaches. Her expectant baby encouraged us to pay attention to what is used on the skin daily. She currently is not using perfumes based on alcohol or other non-natural and synthetic ingredients directly on the skin, therefore perfume jewelry is a great solution for her and for many women just like her!