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Eclipse | Blue Bracelet with "Milano Fragranze" discovery kit

Eclipse | Blue Bracelet with "Milano Fragranze" discovery kit

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Blue fragrance bracelet with 9 fragrances in 2ml vapo spray from Masque Milano collection "Milano Fragranze".


Fragrance description.

Discover the spirit of Milan with "Milano Fragranze" masterpieces:

  • Naviglio by Michelle Moellhausen
  • Basilica by Violaine Collas
  • Galleria by Dominique Moellhausen
  • Diurno by Julie Massé
  • Brera by Violaine Collas
  • Cortile by Michelle Moellhausen
  • La prima by Violaine Collas
  • Derby by Dominique Moellhausen
  • Panettone by Mathilde Bijaoui


    • Made of high-quality stainless steel .
    • Yellow Gold plated 18k.
    • Unscrewable cover

    How to use

    • Unscrew the cover.
    • Spray fragrance or drop a few drops of essential oil on the ceramic disc.
    • Screw the cover back on the accessory and make sure it's firmly screwed on.

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