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Tongs with Double End Jaws 2 to 12

Tongs with Double End Jaws 2 to 12

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These 2″ to 12″ Tongs with Double End Jaws by Armstrong are designed for hand-tightening various threaded connections around the rigsite consisting of a handle, a set of gripping die teeth, a length of flat chain and a hooking slot where the chain may be adjusted to fit the pipe. The double end jaws with teeth on both ends allow the operator to turn pipe in either direction without removing the tong or unhooking the chain and the jaws can be reversed if the teeth become burred or dull. Jaws are drop forged from alloy steel with precision milled teeth and then heat treated for long life and durability. The flat link chain is manufactured in-house from alloy steel and heat treated. After being heat treated, each chain is proof-tested to 2/3 of its breaking strain and shipped with a seal indicating it has been tested. Meets or exceeds US Federal Specification GGG-W-651E.

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